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Monarch Digital Creative Pty Ltd was created by John Scarpa (Advanced Diploma of Electronic Design and Interactive Multimedia).

John is a digital creative with over 17 years of experience in many disciplines across the digital landscape. He has been involved in large scale web and e-commerce projects for  big business as well as  boutique online solutions for small to medium enterprises. 

Since the rise of Social Media, John has also played a big part in developing content creation strategies for clients and has created his own successful Video and Podcast series of technology focused content.

As me move in to 2020 Touch Technology Review, the Youtube Channel has achieved over 3.2 Million views and has amassed a following of over 11,0000 subscribers.

The Podcast has also been attracting significant numbers and has led to appearances on other successful shows here in Melbourne Australia including The Now Podcast.

If you are looking for a unique voice to appear on your podcast, a technology focussed presentation or if you are after training in this area contact me to arrange for a consultation.

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